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Camp Lost Arrow Pitons

Size: 1

The Camp Lost Arrow Pitons offer a solid hold in both vertical and horizontal positions.

Lost Arrow Pitons/Pegsare forged from NiCrMo steel of varying thickness in a simple straight-flare design for a variety of placements in cracks when climbing.


#1 Length: 85mm Thickness: 5mm Width: 24mm Weight: 76g
#2 Length: 90mm Thickness: 7mm Width: 21mm Weight: 88g
#3 Length: 100mm Thickness: 8mm Width: 20mm Weight: 96g
#4 Length: 110mm Thickness: 9mm Width: 17mm Weight: 104g
#5 Length: 117mm Thickness: 6mm Width: 21mm Weight: 96g
#6 Length: 125mm Thickness: 7mm Width: 18mm Weight: 112g
#7 Length: 130mm Thickness: 9mm Width: 17mm Weight: 118g
#8 Length: 155mm Thickness: 8mm Width: 17mm Weight: 116g

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