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DMM Offset Nuts

Size: 7

The DMM Offset Nuts offer placement opportunities when no other natural protection will fit.

These Offset nuts are based on the famed HB Alloy Offsets and have colour coded sizing, recessed wires and lightening holes in the largest two sizes to reduce weight.


DMM Offset Nut Review


  • Nuts with an offset taper protect cracks where normal nuts would not sit properly, such as flared cracks and peg scars. Use in combination with normal nuts to find security in almost any crack.
  • Passive protection can be placed either side or face on, doubling the number of cracks any single piece can protect.
  • Offsets have a groove machined into their faces, allowing them to sit better in irregular placements and on highly featured rock. This makes them more versatile across different rock types.
  • Colour coded for quick and easy size selection. Colours are co-ordinated across passive and active protection, for quick selection of alternatives if your first choice doesn’t fit.
  • Works in wet and icy conditions.


  • Manufacturer: DMM
  • Mpn: A1820A
  • Weight: 27g to 56g

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Ian York
    Fast delivery

    Made a purchase for a Christmas present which was delivered quickly and in very good packaging

    stuart j.
    Swear by ‘em!

    Love ‘em, they just seem to drop in almost anywhere, can passive gear really be intuitive 🤔👍55356,�

    Stuart Jamieson
    Swear by ‘em!

    Love ‘em, they just seem to drop in almost anywhere, can passive gear really be intuitive? 🤔👍

    Jack P.
    Essential gear

    These are my go to piece of protection these days, so much more versitile than regular rocks and feel super secure. Dropped my other size 7, so this is the immediate replacement.