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Metolius Wood Grips Deluxe II

The Metolius Wood Grips Deluxe II is a large climbing training board aimed at all climbing levels and built with super skin friendly wood.

The second iteration of the Metolius Wood Grips Deluxe Fingerboard is perfectly suited to those who want to be able to use the fingerboard for long periods, or combined with regular climbing. The super skin friendly wood is much nicer to hold than resin with thin skinned fingertips. There are ample hold options on this large sized board and the steps in difficulty between the holds provide a good indication to your improvement as you make steady gains. It is worth pointing out that at first the board will be quite slick, but as you begin to use it, the board will get better to use as chalk begins to become embedded and provides a better grip and more pleasant use.

The Wood Grips Deluxe offers more holds than the compact version, including a series of smaller holds. This means the Deluxe will be better suited to all levels, whereas the Compact is a little more biased towards the mid/lower ability levels. It is quite an expensive board, but if it will see a lot of use then it's a good choice. Occasional fingerboard users may still prefer a resin board.

 Like many of the Metolius fingerboards the holds are pretty much just simple slots. On the wooden fingerboards they are flat with rounded edges. While you do not get as many different hold types compared to something like the Beastmaker fingerboards, the large number of similar style holds is a really good tool for making positive incremental gains. When you are ready to increase the difficulty you can choose slightly smaller holds and still maintain a good routine. A large jump in difficulty can sometimes throw you a bit too much. Whilst the holds are predominantly slots, they have enough clearance on some of them to be able to fully open hand, half crimp and on the smaller holds full crimp. This means you can still work on different hand grips/positions.


  • Size: 61cm x 22cm
  • Manufacturer: Metolius
  • Material: Wood

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