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MSR DragonFly Stove Combo

The MSR DragonFly Stove Combo contains the stove plus an included 591ml/20 fl oz fuel bottle. The Dragonfly is a compact, multi-fuel camping stove with a dual-valve design that offers a range of continuous and immediate flame control.

In a world that expects liquid-fuel stoves to have one setting (hot), the MSR DragonFly stove stands out. Since its debut in 1998, it has won numerous awards for its innovative dual-valve design, which offers an outstanding range of continuous and immediate flame control. Simmer a delicate sauce over a candle flame or melt snow quickly over a blowtorch with a twist of the flame adjuster. The continued popularity and performance of the DragonFly can be attributed to the many features invented by MSR.


A detailed video on how to use MSR liquid fuel stoves.


  • CoolFuel Valve: First ever dual-valve design offers an unrivalled range of flame control, simmer to boil with a twist of the flame adjuster.
  • Extra Wide Pot Supports: Three wide pot supports hold larger MSR pots or fry pans for gourmet cooking.
  • Multi-Fuel: Burns white gas, kerosene, unleaded auto fuel, diesel, and jet fuel.
  • Compact: Folds to 1/3 of its working size for easy storage.
  • Remote Burner: Pioneered by MSR, the separate fuel bottle and pump keep the flame away from the fuel, which allows the use of a windscreen to make the stove burn hotter and more efficiently.
  • Self-Cleaning Shaker Jet: Clean out jet debris for high performance with a flick of the wrist.
  • Suspended Burner Cup: The suspended burner cup enables the stove to burn hot and strong while reducing heat lost to the ground.


  • Weight: 401g