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The MSR XGK EX is a powerhouse, multi-fuel camping stove and is the ultimate requirement for expedition trips.

It's tough to imagine what expedition teams used before the MSR XGK EX was in existence. This workhorse stove earned a permanent place on trip lists all over the world because no other camping stove is as reliable. Cooking can be a life-or-death situation while living in extreme conditions. The XGK EX burns hot, strong and fast at high altitudes, cold temperatures, and even in severe wind.

How? This stove is tough enough to handle any fuel-white gas, kerosene and even poor quality diesel, to name a few - making it ideal for international travel. It's constructed from stainless steel, lightweight aluminium and brass for durability. The XGK EX is equipped with MSR's patented Shaker Jet technology so it cleans the jet with the flick of a wrist. Most importantly, it has a clean design that's easy to use and maintain in the field. The XGK EX Expedition stove underscores MSR's commitment to making the tools and equipment that you need to be self-contained out in the field.

*Fuel bottle not included.


  • Proven: No. 1 choice on expeditions worldwide-A powerhouse in extreme conditions
  • Multi-Fuel: Reliably burns more liquid fuels than any other stove.
  • Dependable: Easy to field maintain; Shaker Jet cleans fuel jet with a simple shake.
  • Compact: Flexible fuel line allows stove to fit in a 1.5-litre MSR pot.
  • Superfast: Boils 1 litre of water in just 2.8 minutes (using kerosene fuel)
  • Includes:Fuel pump, windscreen, heat reflector, small-parts kit and stuff sack.


  • Manufacturer: MSR
  • Mpn: 11043
  • Weight: 449g

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