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Petzl GRIGRI + (plus)

Colour: Orange

The Petzl GRIGRI + (plus) is a versatile and durable, assisted breaking belay device suitable for all levels of climber, and for use with all single climbing ropes.

Offering two usage modes and an anti-panic handle, the GRIGRI + (plus) has been built to last and is able to handle some serious intensive use. The device is compact but easy to use and the anti-panic handle, which locks the device if the handle is pulled too hard, will give learners confidence when lowering a climber.  Designed for both indoor and outdoor climbing, the GRIGRI + (plus) can be used with all single ropes, but it's worth noting that it will work the best with 8.9 to 10.5mm diameter climbing ropes. 

Depending on what you need to use it for, the two usage modes are top-rope belay or lead belay mode. The top-rope belay mode enables you to take up slack easier and together with the anti-panic handle feature, make the GRIGRI + (plus) perfect for beginners learning to belay, and for more experienced climbers that prefer the additional safety features the plus has to offer. 


  • Hand motions are the same as with classic belay systems: both hands on the rope. A fall is stopped by tightening the hand on the free end of the rope
  • Can be used with all single ropes, and optimized for 8.9 to 10.5 mm diameters
  • Diagrams for rope installation engraved on belay device (interior and exterior)
  • Great durability, for intensive use, thanks to the stainless steel wear plate
  • Exceptional comfort during the descent, thanks to the very controlled progression of the rope feed

Particularly suitable for learning:

  • Anti-panic handle: if the user pulls too hard on the handle, the anti-panic function brakes and stops the descent
  • Choice of belay mode, top-rope or lead, thanks to the selection knob: top-rope belay mode facilitates taking up slack and makes for a more comfortable belay
  • Option of locking the belay mode


  • Guide Mode: No
  • Lock Mechanism: Auto-locking
  • Number of Ropes: One
  • Carabiner Included: No
  • Handles Ropes from 8.9 to 10.5mm
  • Weight: 200g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mark R.

Excellent device to use in more the one application. The service from Rock Run is great too. Highly recommended.

Gonzalo R.
awesome and fast

it arrived in 3 days, awesome experience

Daniel T.
Great belay device no complaints.

Works really well, adds a layer of safety/reassurance to belaying as an assisted braking device. So far haven’t found it too grabby even on thick fuzzy gym ropes, smooth lowering takes a small amount of time to develop the correct technique but once you get used to the device you can control the speed pretty well (older models were accused of being a bit on/off). All in all really happy with it. I paired it with a sm’d carabiner which being slightly smaller works really well and holds it at a nice level for belaying.

Simon T.
Absolutely great belay device.

I have recently purchased this Grigri . I am using it with a Black Diamond Magnetron carabiner. Together it is super quick and easy to use. There are other devices similar but I think the Grigri is a classic. I would certainly recommend it.

Paul s.
Fantastic bit of kit

Overall the grigri Plus is a fair bit of kit, very user friendly and effortless to use. Took a few sessions to get used to the handle and paying out slack for leading. One your get used to it, it's plain sailing.