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Christmas Gift Ideas: Climbing Kids

Our Christmas Gift Ideas include a hand picked selection of items that would make great Christmas gifts for kids who climb.

With more choice than ever for kids who have started their vertical adventures, here at Rock+Run we have selected our favourites from essential safety equipment and a range of accessories for little ones and for big kids at heart.

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Scarpa Piki Kids £35.95 £40.00

DMM Tomcat Kids Harness £49.50 £54.99

Metolius Mega Packs de £180.00 £200.00

EB Neo Kids £35.95 £40.00
Scarpa Reflex V Kid £53.95 £60.00

Red Chili Puzzle Kids de £59.95 £80.00

La Sportiva Tarantula JR £58.50 £65.00

YY Sloth Chalk Bag £21.60 £24.00
Petzl Picchu Kids £51.30 £57.00
YY Panda Chalk Bag £21.60 £24.00

8BPlus Hanna Chalk Bag £26.95 £30.00
8BPlus Laurel Chalk Bag £26.95 £30.00

8BPlus Alex Chalk Bag £26.95 £30.00
8BPlus Gibson Chalk Bag £26.95 £30.00
8BPlus Moritz Chalk Bag £26.95 £30.00
8BPlus Marty Chalk Bag £26.95 £30.00

8BPlus Pam Chalk Bag £26.95 £30.00