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Climbing Chalk Bags

Climbing chalk bags are a traditional chalk bags that are attached to your climbing harness or attached to a chalk bag belt around your waist for convenient chalking up when route climbing.

Shop for climbing chalk bags from leading brands from our collection below...

Moon Sport Chalk Bag £17.95 £20.00

Organic Large Chalk Bag £22.50 £25.00

8BPlus Max Chalk Bag £26.95 £30.00
8BPlus Charlie Chalk Bag £26.95 £30.00

8BPlus Hanna Chalk Bag £26.95 £30.00

Mammut We Care Chalk Bag £17.60 £22.00

8BPlus Laurel Chalk Bag £26.95 £30.00

YY Shiba Inu Chalk Bag £18.95 £22.00
YY Samoyed Dog Chalk Bag £18.95 £22.00