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Down Sleeping Bags

Down sleeping bags are filled with down feathers which have a great warmth to weight ratio, meaning that they provide more warmth for less weight. Down insulation is measured by fill power, the higher the fill power the warmer the sleeping bag, as the more air can be trapped in the down increasing insulation. The highest quality goose down can have a fill power of 900 (the range is 300-900+) and these sleeping bags are likely to be used for high altitude expeditions. Down sleeping bags perform best when conditions are cold and dry.

We stock a wide range of down sleeping bags for men and women including extra long models, by leading brands Cumulus, Mammut, Sea to Summit and Western Mountaineering. Whether you are summer camping or taking on major mountaineering expeditions at altitude, having the right sleeping bag is important for sleep and survival. Stay warm and sleep well with the right sleeping bag! If synthetic insulation is your more preferred choice, check out our synthetic sleeping bag collection here.

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    Thermarest Questar 32F/0C de £212.50 £285.00

    Thermarest Questar 20F/-6C de £233.75 £275.00

    Thermarest Corus 20F/-6C Quilt de £208.50 £245.00

    Thermarest Hyperion 20 UL de £315.00 £470.00

    Thermarest Hyperion 32 UL de £344.00 £425.00

    Thermarest Parsec 20F / -6C de £365.50 £450.00

    Thermarest Ohm 20F/-6C de £391.00 £460.00