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In Store Purchase By Appointment

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Extra Large Climbing Shoes

Extra large climbing shoes are in sizes UK13 or EU48 and above. Historically there was very little choice for these sizes, nowadays there are at least some options.

We have recognised the need to offer a wider range of climbing shoes for those climbers with bigger feet and to aid purchasing we have singled out these climbing shoes that are made in sizes UK13 or EU48 and above.

Shop for extra large climbing shoes from leading brands including Boreal and Scarpa  from our collection below...

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Scarpa Instinct VS £139.50 £165.00

Boreal Alpha VC £63.95 £80.00

Scarpa Generator £120.00 £160.00

Scarpa Generator Mid £144.50 £170.00

Scarpa Force £126.00 £140.00