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Indoor Climbing Shoes

We have a collection of climbing shoes specifically designed for the modern-day indoor climber, from beginners through to competition climbers. They tend to be softer with some featuring large wrap-around sections of rubber to maximise power and grip so you can tackle modern gym style holds such as large volumes and smeary problems head-on.

We have taken all known information to provide you with a range of confirmed indoor climbing shoes for bouldering and/or sport climbing.

Shop for indoor climbing shoes from leading brands including Scarpa and La Sportiva from our collection below...

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Scarpa Veloce £110.50 £130.00

La Sportiva Solution Comp £132.00 £165.00

Scarpa Veloce Womens £110.50 £130.00

Scarpa Furia Air £123.00 £145.00

Scarpa Reflex V £80.50 £95.00

Boreal Beta £67.95 £85.00

La Sportiva Theory £124.00 £155.00

Scarpa Reflex V Kid £53.95 £60.00

La Sportiva Kubo £105.00 £140.00

Evolv Zenist Womens £45.00 £150.00

Boreal Crux £93.50 £110.00

La Sportiva Kubo Womens £105.00 £140.00

Boreal Beta Womens £67.95 £85.00
La Sportiva Theory Womens £124.00 £155.00

Scarpa Veloce Lace Womens £114.00 £135.00

Scarpa Veloce Lace £114.00 £135.00

Evolv Zenist Pro £157.00 £185.00

Boreal Satori £110.50 £130.00