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Tent Pegs

Tent pegs and tent stakes are vital in windy conditions as they prevent your tent from blowing away. There are quite a few different types of pegs and stakes you can use to peg your tent down, and they can have different strengths according the metal they are made from, the thickness of the peg and the length too. It's best you choose them according to the type of ground you will be pegging your tent into, and the weather conditions you might encounter.

The tent pegs and stakes in our collection below are by leading brand MSR and are predominantly higher end products. They are designed to be light and strong and in some cases, to be effective in the harshest mountain conditions, ideal for expeditions or alpine adventures. We have a range of aluminium stakes that are designed to hold well in sand or snow, carbon core super lightweight tent pegs for fast and light adventures where every gram counts, and pegs designed for pretty much any soil condition anywhere!   

If you have any questions regarding any of the products in our range please call a member of our team.

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