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Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight / Watertight .7

The Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight / Watertight .7is a fairly substantial personal first aid kit ideal for the multi-sport athlete on trips up to 4 days long. 

Perfect for adventure racers, multi-sport enthusiasts, and anyone who needs an ultralight kit in their pack, the Ultralight / Watertight .7 provides enough first aid  supplies for 1-4 people on trips up to four days long. The components weigh less than 255g, and with two layers of waterproof protection it protects the most essential first aid supplies from getting wet. A great kit if you are a sport enthusiast who may be exposed to the elements.

Instruments & Medication Included
x2 Dressing Gauze Sterile 5 x 5cm
x1 Splinter Picker/Tick Remover Forceps
x1 Duct Tape 5 x 250cm
x2 After Bite Sting and Itch Relief Wipe
x3 Safety Pins
x2 Aloksak Waterproof Bag 17 x 15cm

Wound Care Included
x1 Moleskin 10 x 18cm
x2 Dressing Gauze Sterile 7.5 x 7.5cm
x2 Dressing Non-Adherent Sterile 7.5 x 10cm
x3 Bandage Butterfly Closure
x1 Tincture of Benzoin Topical Adhesive
x1 Bandage Conforming Gauze Non-Sterile 7.5cm
x5 After Cuts & Scrapes Wipe
x1 Tape 2.5cm x 10m
x1 Bandage Elastic with Velcro Closure 5cm
x4 Bandage Adhesive Fabric 2.5 x 7.5cm
x3 Bandage Adhesive Fabric Knuckle
x1 Gloves Nitrile (Pair)

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