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Beastmaker 1000

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The Beastmaker 1000 is an entry level fingerboard designed for those who are new to climbing training but want to progress quickly.

Introduced to allow the less toned hands of those new to training/climbing to feel their way into the training game, the Beastmaker 1000 board offers varying holds and grips for training for all the demands your fingers will face from around font 5/V1 all the way up to font 7c/V9 and even beyond... if one armed dead hanging is taken seriously. This board lacks the mono's and other top-end training holds of the 2000 series board, instead they are replaced with some hallelujah jugs as well as greater depths for more purchase in the 3 and 2 finger pocket holds. Crimping fiends are not forgotten as there are some tasty 10mm crimps thrown in for progression.

The Beastmaker 1000 board should be all the 'secret training' you need to gain that extra bit of confidence on those climbing routes or boulder problems and hopefully it will supply you with a smug grin as your mates try to work out whether you have had hydraulic pistons fitted to your forearms. All the grips are standardised depths and angles and are designed to be progressed through like an education system for the fingers. As these boards are made from a high quality wood with a very fine texture which is very kind to your skin, they can also be further sanded to increase or decrease friction depending on the coarseness of the paper used.

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  • Made in England
  • Dimensions: 58 x 15cm
  • Aimed at: All levels
  • Fixings included


  • Size: 58cm x 15cm
  • Manufacturer: Beastmaker
  • Material: Wood

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