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EB Cherry Wood Brush

The EB Cherry Wood Brush is a top end, high density, boars hair bouldering brush with a cherry wood handle.

With a bristle density matched only by that of Neutron stars or 100 year old christmas pudding, the EB Cherry Wood Boars hair brush is the finest chalk removal tool mankind has ever crafted. Not only is the bristle density higher (by some distance) than any other brush on the market - meaning it removes more chalk/grime and lasts longer - it also features a clever tapering head design. In practice this means rather then the brush wearing out more rapidly at the front than the back, like similar products, it wears more evenly over its lifespan, further increasing its longevity.  

On top of all this, the lavish cherry wood handle is both easy on the eye and ergonomically perfect, quirkily finished off with a laser etching of the brand's signature 'little devil' logo and neat cord hole at its base. Pound for pound, only Thor's mighty hammer packs more of punch than this brush. 

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  • Bristles: Boars Hair
  • Shaft: Cherry wood
  • Length: 17.5cm
  • Brush head width: 1.5cm
  • Hole for cord harness: Yes
  • Manufacturer: EB Climbing
  • Weight: 16g

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