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Edelrid Nineteen G 10cm Quickdraw

Size: 10cm

The Edelrid Nineteen G 10cm Quickdraw is a super light, micro wire climbing draw, ideal for Alpine routes and shaving weight off your rack. 

The 19G brings to bear next generation climbing hardware design and manufacture to create one of the worlds lightest quickdraw sets. The now familiar I-beam technology, used on most top-end carabiners, is employed to create the sleek body of the neat micro wire carabiner, whilst an 8mm Dyneema sling rounds off this ultra light quickdraw. 

Ideal for use on Alpine routes or during far-flung multi-pitch outings, this tiny carabiner will shave tens of grams off your rack weight whilst compromising little by way of strength or durability.

Please be aware, due to their tiny size, clipping this type of micro biner can prove trickier, particularly in gloves or for those with bigger hands.


  • Minimal weight thanks to ultra-light Nineteen G carabiner and ultra-strong 11 mm Dyneema® quickdraw sling
  • Lightweight wire gates reduce whiplash effect on gate in the event of a fall
  • H-profile construction ensures best possible use of material and minimal weight


  • BetastickEvo Compatible: No
  • Gate Clearance mm: 19
  • Gate Closed kN: 20
  • Gate Open kN: 7
  • Keylock: No
  • Krab Minor Axis kN: 8
  • Krab Length mm: 75
  • Krab Width mm: 45
  • Sling Strength kN: 22
  • Sling Length mm: 100
  • Sling Width mm: 8
  • Weight: 46g

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