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Metolius Simulator 3D

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Colour: Blue
Black and White Swirls

The Metolius Simulator 3D is a climbing training fingerboard that offers a huge variety of holds, catering for all levels of climber. 

With 31 climbing holds in total, offering plenty of variety in depth and angles with all but slopey options, the Metolius Simulator 3D fingerboard clearly shows a progressive series of steps in training to develop finger strength. The slight arc of the board and the taper from top to bottom ensures that you have good forearm clearance when hanging and doing pull-ups. The curve also puts your arms in a more comfortable and natural position, meaning that your fingers get the work out rather than tiring out your arms/wrists by holding awkward positions. The Simulator 3D board is pretty skin friendly as it is fairly smooth in texture, so long training sessions should not be an issue.

All the holds on the Simulator 3D vary from half a finger pad right through to 2 finger pads in depth. The pockets and edges have a variety of angles, but are predominately flat or positive making this board suitable for everyone bar the highest level of climber.


  • 3 full hand jugs
  • 2 full hand rounded slopers
  • 2 flat slopers
  • 4 sets 4-finger pockets/edges
  • 3 sets 3-finger pockets/edges
  • 2 sets 2-finger pockets
  • 4 central pockets
  • Comes with a training guide, comprehensive instructions, mounting hardware.


  • Size: 70cm x 24cm
  • Manufacturer: Metolius
  • Material: Resin

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Dorothy Baird

Metolius Simulator 3D

Harvey L.
Middle age man speaks younger body

It’s a great tool, easy to install if you have practice skills (slightly annoying that all the fixing screws required are different lengths, and only two of the supplied ones could be used) but the board is the industry standard still. Feeling sore but great using it, 9c here I come 😉

Mike C.
Great service, great product

Really solid, versatile hangboard with good mounting instructions, speedily delivered. Very happy.

Mike C
Great service, great product

Really solid, versatile hangboard with good mounting instructions, speedily delivered. Very happy.