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Moon Armstrong Fingerboard

Colour: Wood

Moon's Armstrong Fingerboard is possibly the most extensive fingerboard ever made! Offering a huge variety of holds for the ultimate strength training station.

All of the different hold types are in the best position for executing all of the basic one-arm and two-arm fingerboard training routines thanks to the offset configuration. All two-armed exercises will be performed on grips that are shoulder-width apart due to the offset design. In-cut jugs, 35-degree slopers, 25mm, 20mm, 15mm, 10mm, 8mm slots, or 22mm two-finger and one-finger pockets are all options.

Idyllically placed in the centre of the board so you can freely hang in a doorway, are one-arm dead hanging edges as well as a jug for smashing out one-arm pull-ups. The dead hangs consist of the most commonly used sizes, 22mm & 18mm edge.

This well throughout fingerboard also includes fixings for pulleys so you are able to perform assisted workout exercises.

Built from the same high-quality birch plywood found in Moon's ever-popular MoonBoard and wood holds. Hard-wearing and much more environmentally friendly than plastic or polyester fingerboards.

Tried and tested by 1000's climbers over a long period, the Armstrong is quite possibly the only fingerboard you will ever need.


  • A comfortable radius on all the edges, this varies on the depth of the edge. If the edges aren’t comfortable then people aren’t going to use them.
  • A one arm edge that protruded rather than being sunken into the board, this would allow for the use of a thumb to help stabilise, if desired by the user.
  • A way of hanging a pulley system to use the one arm edges if you or couldn’t create one another way.
  • Comfortable slopers that worked well for rehabbing fingers. This was inspired by Richard on an early prototype as there was some space on the board.
  • Jugs that would allow for different widths of pull-ups.
  • A range of edges from 8-25mm, therefore extra micro edges weren’t needed.
  • Mono’s for the influencers out there that love a good pinky front lever
  • Incut jug plus 22mm and 18mm edges positioned centrally for one-armed hangs and pull-ups.
  • 2 x incut jugs placed on either side of the central jug for dead hangs and pull-ups.
  • 2 x 35-degree slopers.
  • 2 x 25mm, 20mm, 15mm, 10mm and 8mm slots.
  • 2 x 22mm two-fingered pockets.
  • 2 x 22mm one-fingered pockets.
  • 2 x pulley attachments for assistance


  • Size: 65cm x 16.5cm x 5.5cm
  • Manufacturer: Moon 
  • Material: Birch Plywood
  • Made in the UK

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