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Sport Climbing +

by Adrian Berry and Steve McClure
Published June 2011

Until now instructional books for climbers have taken a largely 'negative' approach concentrating on how to reduce the inherent risks of the sport and mentioning only in passing the equally important skills required to get to the top. This book represents a watershed in the genre, coming from a coaching perspective Sport Climbing + is packed with inspirational photos, humorous illustrations and two lifetime's worth of learning how to succeed at the toughest of all sports.

The book takes a practical approach focussing on the improvements that climbers can make immediately without embarking on lengthy training programs. Written in a highly accessible, jargon-free style this book is as beneficial to the novice indoor climber wanting to get on rock as it is to the experienced climber wanting to move onto the next level.

This book is the first in a series of instructional guides from Rockfax. It has been written by and strongly features high profile professional climbers - Adrian Berry and Steve McClure. The book is presented in the rich informative colourful style that has made Rockfax the 'gold standard' for guidebooks.

Book Format - The book is in the standard A5 soft-cover format with full-colour throughout. It features many action photos to illustrate the various techniques plus cartoons and informative text spread over 192 pages.

The 2011 second edition of Sport Climbing+ contains updated information on belay devices as well as some changes to the multi-pitching chapter. There are also many new photos throughout better illustrating the text.

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