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Wild Country Ropeman 2

Colour: Gold

The Wild Country Ropeman 2 is a light, smooth and neat in hand ascender that works with a larger variety of ropes than the Ropeman 1. 

Designed with forged side plates and a more complex stainless steel cam that can give bite on ropes that are just 8mm in diameter, the Wild Country Ropeman 2 will appeal to alpinists or those using smaller diameter ropes. Although it looks more aggressive, it actually has a proven in the field more rope friendly design and is a great tool for self-rescue, cliff rescue, mouflage and more.

Please make sure if you are purchasing a Ropeman 1 or Ropeman 2 that you fully read the instructions, and that the device you choose is suited to the intended use. For any queries please call a member of our team. 

Ascending a Rope with a Ropeman

Ascending a Rope from Free Hanging


  • Hot forged side plates
  • Alloy cam
  • High strength stainless steal axel
  • Stainless steal cable leash


  • Handled: No
  • Manufacturer: Wild Country
  • Handles Ropes from 8 to 13mm
  • Weight: 92g

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