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Camping Slippers

Camping Slippers are slippers that are used when you are camping to keep your feet warm, especially if you are based at altitude. Made from either down or synthetic materials, camping slippers can help keep your feet warm inside your sleeping bag, tent, bivvy, in the hut after a hard day on the hills or even just for keeping cosy at home.

Down Slippers are quilted slippers filled with feathers and are an excellent thermal insulator, important for keeping warmth in your toes on expeditions. Synthetic Slippers have less warmth to weight ratio but are warm enough for winter camping trips and dry quickly should they get wet in the snow.

Shop for camping slippers from leading brands from our collection below...

Nordisk Mos Down Slippers aus £24.00 £35.00

Nordisk Hermod Down Shoe £27.95 £35.00