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Founded in 1983, Spanish climbing brand Fixe reside close to Montserrat, Terradets and Siurana, in one of Spain's premier climbing heartlands. It quickly became a leading brand throughout Spain and is now renowned worldwide for products such as Alien Cams and Fixe bolting equipment.

Whilst the brand's origins lie in metal hardware, Fixe has gradually expanded its offering and now supplies an extensive range of climbing ropes, harnesses, slings, aid gear and more.

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Fixe Siurana 9.6mm aus £122.00 £148.00

Fixe Fanatic DRY 8.4mm aus £106.80 £138.00

Fixe Amitges 8.4mm aus £92.50 £111.00
Fixe Foixarda 9.6mm aus £68.50 £79.95
Fixe Oliana 9.2mm aus £117.00 £142.00
Fixe Vignemale 8.0mm £114.00 £138.00
Fixe Riglos 8.4mm aus £84.95 £101.00
Fixe Pedraforca 8.8mm £192.00 £237.00
Fixe Rodellar 9.4mm £162.00 £199.00
Fixe Margalef 9.6mm aus £153.00 £188.00

Fixe Sport 9.8mm Ausverkauft