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Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags provide the thermal insulation you need, in order for you to get a good night's sleep after your day adventuring in the outdoors. Whether you choose a down sleeping bag or a synthetic sleeping bag is all down to your needs and requirements.

Down bags are filled with down feathers which have a great warmth-to-weight ratio, meaning that they provide more warmth for less weight.

Synthetic bags use various man-made insulation materials and are much more cost-effective than down ones. They are also easier to care for and clean, and they perform much better when they are wet.

We stock a wide range of sleeping bags for men and women including extra-long models. Whether you are summer camping or taking on major mountaineering expeditions at altitude, having the right insulation is important for sleep and survival. Stay warm and sleep well with the right sleeping bag!

Shop for sleeping bags from leading brands including Mammut, Sea to Summit and Thermarest from our collection below...

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Thermarest Questar 32F/0C aus £212.50 £250.00

Thermarest Questar 20F/-6C aus £233.75 £275.00

Thermarest Hyperion 32 UL aus £344.00 £405.00

Thermarest Hyperion 20 UL aus £315.00 £450.00

Thermarest Space Cowboy 45F / 7C aus £136.00 £160.00
Thermarest Polar Ranger -20F/-30C aus £667.25 £785.00
Thermarest Saros 20F/-6C aus £170.00 £200.00