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In Store Purchase By Appointment

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Bouldering Mats

Bouldering mats, also known as bouldering pads and crash pads are protective mats designed to be used when bouldering, to take the force out of a fall and to make climbing your projects safer.

Bouldering mats contain impact absorbing dual density foam and are usually rectangular or square to protect you from hitting the ground or from coming down on uneven terrain. Also used when climbing bold trad routes, bouldering pads have enabled climbing boulders to become safer, and keen boulderers should invest in a good, supportive bouldering mat.

Shop for bouldering pads from leading brands including Metolius, Moon and Organic Climbing from our collection below...

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Moon Warrior £229.00 £270.00

Moon Saturn £331.00 £390.00

Moon Pluto £161.50 £190.00

Organic Full Pad - Bold £256.00 £285.00

Organic Simple Pad - Bold £243.00 £270.00

Organic Simple Pad - Solid £225.00 £250.00
Organic Full Pad - Solid £238.00 £265.00
Petzl Alto £265.50 £295.00

Petzl Nimbo £64.80 £72.00

Metolius Recon £280.00 £350.00

Moon Cirrus £136.00 £160.00

Flashed Drifter £208.00 £260.00

Flashed Big Squishy aus £331.00 £390.00

Metolius Floor Mat £8.95 £10.00

Mammut Slam Pad £225.00 £250.00

Petzl Cirro Ausverkauft