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Climbing chalk helps to combat the sweat produced on our hands when we climb, improving friction between the hands/fingers and the rock or climbing holds. It can be a valuable part of your climbing gear, especially on the rare warmer days when the temperatures are not favourable for sending, and it can mean the difference between getting to the top of a route or not.

Now with specialised formulas, the choice of climbing chalk is quite limitless and the decision to some, can be quite a serious one! It generally comes in three different forms, block, loose, or liquid variations. Block chalk is a compressed block that you can break up as and when you need it. You can either put it straight into your chalk bag or pop some in a reusable chalk ball, and the benefits are that you can choose how chunky or fine you want it by how much you smash it up! Loose chalk is already broken up and sold in packets or in ready-made chalk balls, and saves the effort of breaking it down. The packets are often resealable too, which can mean less spillage and waste. Liquid chalk is chalk in a liquid form, which you rub over your hands and fingers. When it's dry it leaves a coating, which is great if you don't want a lot of chalk dust and also had advantages when DWS (Deep Water Soloing - climbing above water) because it typically has a longer-lasting effect.

Shop for climbing chalk from leading brands including Friction Labs, Metolius and Moon from our collection below...

Beta Chalk Ball £2.80 £3.00

Beta Chalk Ball 6-Pack £15.50 £18.00

Metolius Block Chalk X8 £14.40 £16.00

Peak Chalk Fine Chalk £5.85 £6.50
Peak Chalk Chunky Chalk £12.60 £14.00

EB E-Chalk 5kg £84.95 £100.00