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Climbing cams (A.K.A. camming devices, also known as climbing friends, or more correctly Spring Loaded Camming Devices) are pieces of rock climbing equipment that fit into parallel-sided or even slightly flared cracks to provide protection. Cams are classed by climbers as active protection as they have moving parts. They are an important piece of safety gear when climbing traditionally outdoors, they can help you place protection where a nut or a hex (passive protection) might not work.

Shop for climbing cams from leading brands including Black Diamond, DMM and Wild Country from our collection below...

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DMM Dragon Cams aus £65.50 £76.99

DMM Dragonfly Micro Cams £65.45 £76.99

Black Diamond Camalot C4 aus £63.50 £75.00

Totem Cams £80.95 £90.00

Wild Country Friends aus £67.95 £80.00

DMM Dragon Cam Set 0-5 £360.00 £449.99

Black Diamond Camalot Z4 aus £76.50 £90.00

Wild Country Zero Friend Cams aus £72.25 £85.00

Black Diamond Camalot Ultralight aus £79.95 £100.00

DMM Dragon Cam Set 00-1 £180.50 £225.99

DMM Dragon Cam Set 2-4 £188.50 £235.99
Metolius Ultralight TCUs £55.95 £70.00

Metolius Supercams aus £63.95 £80.00