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Head Torches

Head torches are flash lights that are designed to be worn on your head, so you can have your hands free and still manage to see what you're doing. They are great for outdoor activities and have become an essential item to have in your pack. You'll be grateful for a head torch as the sun goes down - whether you intended to be outside at that time or not!

The small lightweight models are fantastic for emergency use and can be stashed in a pocket just in case things go pear shaped. Other head torches in our collection are great for climbing, camping, bike riding, walking or running, or general urban use. We even have water resistant and fully waterproof headlamps!

Shop for head torches from leading brands including Black Diamond, Petzl and Silva from our collection below...

    Petzl IKO CORE £76.50 £85.00

    Petzl Bindi £43.20 £48.00

    Petzl Tikka £29.70 £33.00

    Petzl IKO £60.30 £67.00

    Petzl e+LITE £26.10 £29.00
    Petzl Actik Core £64.80 £72.00

    Petzl Tikkina £21.60 £24.00
    Petzl Noctilight £17.10 £19.00

    Petzl NAO RL £139.50 £155.00
    Black Diamond Flare £21.95 £25.00

    Black Diamond Cosmo 350R £42.50 £50.00

    Petzl Swift RL £103.50 £115.00

    Petzl Actik £43.20 £48.00

    Silva Explore 4RC £50.95 £60.00
    Black Diamond Sprint 225 £39.95 £50.00

    Black Diamond Icon 700 £79.95 £95.00
    Silva Trail Runner Free £55.95 £70.00

    Silva Explore 4 £43.20 £48.00
    Silva Trail Speed 5XT £220.00 £245.00
    Silva Cross Trail 7XT £116.00 £145.00