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Womens Mountaineering Boots

Women's Mountaineering Boots are well insulated, stiff footwear designed for use with crampons in cold conditions in the mountains. Designed especially for women, or those with narrower feet, women's mountaineering boots are made with high quality materials and provide support on rugged terrain and waterproof protection from the elements. Usually made with the female foot in mind, most mountaineering boots in this collection have narrower heels and/or lower volume designs, and can also be a little lighter than the mens version.

We stock a wide range of women's mountaineering boots that can be used for winter and alpine climbing and all other outdoor adventures. If you need any help in deciding which are the best choice for you, please call a member of our team and we'd be happy to guide you to the most appropriate footwear.

Shop for women's mountaineering boots from leading brands including La Sportiva and Scarpa from our collection below...

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Scarpa Ribelle HD Womens £231.00 £330.00