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In Store Purchase By Appointment

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Training Aids

Supplementary climbing training aids such as Gripmaster's, Warm Up Putty's and Grip Savers have really caught on in the last few years; they're great for getting that forearm pump when out and about or if you don't have access to a climbing wall or fingerboard.

Shop for climbing training aids from leading brands including Gripmaster and Powerfingers from our collection below...

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PowerFingers £23.95 £27.50

Metolius Grip Saver Plus £20.70 £23.00

YY Elastic Bands aus £6.75 £7.50

Lattice Lifting Pin £29.95 £33.00

Gripmaster Pro XX Heavy £22.50 £25.00

Lattice Flex Mat Bundle £68.95 £86.00