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Dry Bags and Compression Sacks

Dry bags are essentially a lightweight bag that will keep your gear and electronics dry when out and about in wet conditions. They are often used in water sports, winter sports and are great when backpacking, camping or mountaineering, especially where it's super important to keep your clothing or sleeping bags dry. Many have straps which then turn them into compression sacks, enabling you to compress your gear into a smaller more compact and packable size

We stock a wide range of dry bags, compression sacks and stuff sacks that can be used for all kinds of outdoor activities, even ones that double up as mattress pumps!

Shop for dry bags and compression sacks from leading brands including Ortlieb from our collection below...

    Exped Fold Dry Bag M/8L £12.40 £15.50

    Exped Fold Dry Bag XS/3L £11.20 £14.00

    Exped Splash 15 £19.20 £24.00
    Mammut Compression Sack £15.30 £18.00