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In Store Purchase By Appointment

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Evolv is now one of the top rock climbing shoe manufacturers in the world. They began in 2003 out of Southern California and work with many top athletes in the design and development phase of their products. We stock a huge collection of evolv footwear, to suit all types of climbers and scramblers out there. We also stock kids climbing shoes, bouldering pads. Check out our collection below or read more about the brand via our Full Brand Profile

Evolv Kronos £95.95 £120.00

Evolv Elektra Womens £75.95 £95.00

Evolv Defy £82.50 £95.00

Evolv Kira £95.95 £120.00

Evolv Phantom £147.00 £185.00

Evolv Shaman Lace £120.00 £150.00

Evolv Shaman £132.00 £165.00

Evolv Elektra Lace Womens £76.50 £110.00
Evolv Defy Lace £76.50 £110.00
Evolv Shaman Lace LV £112.00 £150.00

Evolv Shaman LV £132.00 £165.00

Evolv Phantom LV £147.00 £185.00

Evolv Shaman Pro £140.50 £185.00

Evolv Zenist Pro £152.00 £185.00
Evolv V6 £119.00 £140.00
Evolv Shaman Pro LV £140.50 £185.00