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Walking Navigation equipment is essential if you want to prevent getting lost in the hills and mountains. Weather can quickly set in that could make the easiest of walks a challenge when it comes to navigating the way. A walking map and a compass (and the skills to use them!) might be the only way to ensure you make it home safe and sound and in time for tea. 

We stock a wide range of walking compasses and maps that can help you find your way. Take a look at our collection below and don't forget to check out our latest deals page too for money saving outdoor gear offers...

Ortlieb Document Bag A4 £16.20 £18.00

Ortlieb Document Bag A5 £14.40 £16.00

Ortlieb Document Bag A6 £12.15 £13.50

Silva Ranger £23.95 £30.00

Silva Ranger 360 Global £35.95 £45.00