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Evolv | Brand Profile

Who are they?

Evolv are one of the leading climbing equipment companies in the world, specialising in climbing footwear whilst producing bouldering pads and other climbing accessories. Based out of Buena Park - a city about 30km southeast of downtown Los Angeles - Evolv were founded by Brian Chung in 2003 with the sole focus of making the very best climbing shoes. 18 years on, Chung is still at the Evolv helm and if their latest line up of shoes is anything to go by, Evolv are just getting better and better. In 2019, Evolv was bought by The Oberalp Group, a company who also own Wild Country and Salewa.

What are Evolv known for?

Renowned for their exquisite shoe design, Evolv produce superb shoes for every ability. Thanks to the involvement of their incredible team of athletes (Daniel Woods, Ashima Shiraishi, Steph Davies et al.), Evolv shoes are honed and perfected by some of the best climbing minds out there. Evolv are known for their higher volume fit and out-of-the-box comfort. More recent models, such as the Zenist, now provide a lower volume option yet still retain that out-of-the-box comfort.

Where are Evolv products made?

South Korea.

Environmental Action

Half of Evolv’s climbing shoe range, including most of their high performance models, are vegan friendly. This is thanks to synthetic glues and their unique ‘Synthratex VX’ synthetic upper which not only helps the shoe maintain its shape for longer but doesn’t harm any animals in the process.

What sets Evolv apart?

Incorporating the likes of Daniel Woods into their already well regarded product development team has armed Evolv with all the tools necessary to create performance defining shoes. Underlined by Daniel Woods’, Evolv Phantom inspired, first ascent of ‘Return of the Sleepwalker’ – the world’s second 9A/V17 boulder problem.

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