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Half Ropes

Half ropes, also known as double ropes are used in a pair, most commonly used for traditional climbing, particularly in the mountains and sea cliff climbing.

We have half ropes for all manner of climbs, from the durable 'go to' ropes right through to the super skinny lightweight ropes where every gram counts.

Shop for half ropes from leading brands including Beal, Edelrid and Petzl from our collection below...

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Beal Legend 8.3mm aus £116.00 £129.00

Fixe Fanatic DRY 8.4mm aus £106.80 £159.00

Mammut Alpine Dry 8mm aus £121.50 £135.00
Mammut Alpine Classic 8mm aus £76.50 £90.00

Petzl Tango 8.5mm 50m £108.00 £120.00
Petzl Rumba DRY 8mm 50m £117.00 £130.00

Mammut Alpine Sender Dry 8.7mm aus £161.00 £190.00

Edelrid Apus Pro Dry 7.9mm aus £148.00 £210.00
Mammut Crag Sender Dry 9mm aus £178.00 £210.00

Petzl Tango 8.5mm 60m £130.50 £145.00

Petzl Volta DRY 9.2mm 70m £234.00 £260.00
Edelweiss Lithium II 8.5mm aus £119.00 £140.00
Mammut Crag Sender Dry 8.7mm aus £148.50 £200.00