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Mens Climbing Pants

Way more durable than your regular high street jeans or pants, mens climbing pants are designed to allow for unencumbered movement when climbing. They are less likely to snag and rip on abrasive rock and they also look cool enough to be worn down the pub! 

We stock a wide range of climbing pants from leading brands Moon and Prana, for indoors and outdoor sport climbing, traditional climbing, mountain climbing and bouldering. 

Moon Cypher Pant £59.00 £70.00
5 reviews
7 reviews
Moon Jura Pant £55.00 £70.00
2 reviews
Moon Lorentz Pant £59.00 £70.00
1 review
Moon Samurai Pant £51.00 £65.00
1 review
Prana Axiom Jean £72.00 £80.00
10 reviews
Prana Bronson Pant £63.00 £70.00
4 reviews
Prana Stretch Zion Pant £67.50 £75.00
1 review