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Ice Axes

Ice Axes, also known as ice tools are hiking or climbing tools used by winter climbers and mountaineers when ascending or descending routes with snow, ice or mixed terrain. There are two types of ice axes, mountaineering axes and technical axes. Mountaineering ice axes are used for general mountaineering and winter hiking, whilst technical tools are used in pairs and have curves for steeper more vertical climbing.

We stock a wide range of ice axes and tools that can be used for all types of adventures, whether you're mountaineering, mixed-climbing, ice climbing or winter hiking. We have great value for money basic models, and high end performance tools for where every gram counts. If you need any help choosing the right winter climbing gear for you, please contact our team.

Shop for ice axes from leading brands including Black Diamond, Grivel and Petzl from our collection below...

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DMM Spire from £37.50 £74.99
Petzl Quark £216.00 £240.00

DMM Spire Tech from £59.95 £89.99

Black Diamond Venom £126.00 £140.00
Petzl Summit Evo £144.00 £160.00
Black Diamond Raven £85.50 £95.00
Petzl Nomic £243.00 £270.00

Blue Ice Bluebird from £136.00 £160.00

DMM Vertex 50cm - PAIR DEAL £220.00 £360.00

DMM Vertex £120.00 £180.00
Petzl Summit £121.50 £135.00
Black Diamond Raven Pro from £71.95 £120.00

Petzl Glacier £81.00 £90.00
Grivel North Machine Carbon £212.00 £250.00

Black Diamond Fuel £182.00 £260.00

Petzl Sum'Tec £162.00 £180.00
Edelrid Attila £75.95 £95.00

DMM Switch £212.00 £249.99
DMM Vertex 55cm - PAIR DEAL £220.00 £360.00
Grivel Dark Machine £306.00 £340.00
Blue Ice Blackbird £110.00 £130.00
Blue Ice Akila £135.00 £150.00
Grivel Tech Machine £176.00 £220.00
DMM Flux £80.95 £89.99

Blue Ice Falk £117.00 £130.00
Petzl Ergonomic £283.50 £315.00
Grivel Dark Machine X £288.00 £360.00

DMM Apex Sold Out