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Map Cases

Map cases are waterproof covers that protect your maps from getting sodden and destroyed by the rain. If you are walking, hiking or spending anytime in the outdoors in the UK in winter, or even summer for that matter, then you are likely to encounter some wet weather. It's ideal to protect your paper maps from the rain with a map case, and with digital versions now available too, it's wise to protect your devices also. 

We stock waterproof map cases and document covers in various sizes, by leading brands Silva and Ortlieb, that can protect your paper maps and gadgets from the weather. They're also useful for protecting travel documents and any other important papers whilst on the road. Take a look at our collection below...

Ortlieb Document Bag A4 £16.20 £18.00

Ortlieb Document Bag A5 £14.40 £16.00
Ortlieb Document Bag A6 £12.15 £13.50

Exped Vista Organiser A6, A5, A4 from £15.60 £19.50

Sea to Summit Guide TPU Map Case from £19.20 £24.00