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Wild Country

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Wild Country are a British company that manufacture climbing gear. Founded in 1977 in the Peak District, UK, they are renowned for developing the worlds first camming device the 'Friend'. Since then Wild Country have produced an incredible amount of innovative and functional climbing gear, and we stock many of their product lines. Check out our collection below or read more about the brand via our Full Brand Profile

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Wild Country Rocks from £7.95 £13.00
1 review
6 reviews
Wild Country Friends from £55.95 £85.00
Wild Country Rockcentrics from £12.75 £17.00
1 review
4 reviews
1 review
Wild Country Helium 3.0 £9.90 £11.00
1 review
Wild Country Ropeman 2 £42.50 £50.00
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2 reviews
Wild Country Rope Bag £29.75 £35.00
3 reviews