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Shop Rock + Run Brand. Drawing on our decades of climbing, running, training and general experience in the mountains, we continue to develop and expand this collection of core products directly made by Rock + Run or sourced and branded by Rock + Run. 


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8BPLUS is a European climbing brand that creates imaginative and unconventional climbing gear. Originating in the heart of the Alps, 8BPlus have created a range of unique monster characters that will not only help you with chalk when needed, but will bring fun to your climbing wardrobe too. Check out our 8BPlus collection below...
8BPlus Charlie Chalk Bag £22.95 £26.00
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8BPlus Donald Chalk Bag £22.95 £26.00
8BPlus Hanna Chalk Bag £22.95 £26.00
8BPlus Jamie Chalk Bag £22.95 £26.00
8BPlus Kelly Chalk Bag £22.95 £26.00
8BPlus Roy Chalk Bag £22.95 £26.00