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Sleeping Mats

Camping Sleeping Mats are portable mats that you sleep on when camping. They provide padding and insulation to keep you off the cold ground. There are three types of camping sleeping mats to choose from: foam, manually inflated and self inflating. 

Foam mats don't require any inflation and are usually the cheapest option. Manually inflated mats need you to blow air inside them or require a pump for inflation, and some models have down feathers or synthetic padding to increase insulation, but that usually increases the cost too. Self inflating mats blow up by themselves and are usually lightweight and small when packed down. As a result these are a popular choice for those backpacking, hiking and camping but can be quite expensive.

Another option when sleeping in the outdoors is a camping cot or camp bed. Camping cots keep you completely off the ground keeping you warmer in cold conditions and cooler in hotter temperatures, and are great if you are on a longer trip. Another bonus is that they feel more like a bed, adding a bit more comfort to your adventure. 

We stock a wide range of camping sleeping mats, air pumps, camping pillows, camp cots and all sorts of accessories that can be used for outdoor sleeping. We have great value for money options and high end performance range for where every gram, feature and bit of packing space count. If you have any questions regarding any of the products in our range, then please call our team. Take a look at our collection below and don't forget to check out our latest deals page too for money saving offers on outdoor gear...

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Exped FlexMat from £23.50 £26.50

Thermarest RidgeRest Classic from £25.50 £30.00

Thermarest ProLite Plus from £106.25 £125.00

Thermarest Trail Pro from £127.50 £150.00
Thermarest NeoAir UberLite from £165.75 £195.00

Thermarest NeoAir Venture from £102.00 £120.00

Thermarest ProLite Apex from £144.50 £170.00

Thermarest NeoAir XLite NXT from £178.50 £210.00
Thermarest NeoAir Topo Luxe from £170.00 £200.00
Exped Ultra 5R LW £164.00 £205.00

Exped Ultra 3R Duo LW £256.00 £320.00

Thermarest NeoAir XTherm NXT from £221.00 £260.00
Exped Ultra 5R M Mummy £148.00 £185.00
Exped FlexMat Plus £45.00 £50.50
Thermarest NeoAir XLite NXT MAX from £199.75 £235.00

Exped Ultra 5R LW Mummy £156.00 £195.00
Exped Megamat Duo 10 £288.00 £360.00
Exped Ultra 3R LW Mummy £152.00 £190.00
Thermarest NeoAir XTherm NXT Max from £238.00 £280.00
Exped Ultra 3R M Mummy £145.50 £182.00
Exped DeepSleep Mat Duo 7.5 £240.00 £300.00