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Climbing brushes are used to clean holds that can be full of dirt, grease, rubber, chalk and grime, all for better grip. The bristles on climbing brushes are either made out of boar's hair, horse's hair or nylon (the material used for toothbrushes), and the handles are either made out of wood or plastic. They come in various sizes so you can scrub different sized holds more effectively. Brushing the crux climbing hold on your project can make all the difference! 

We stock a wide range of climbing brushes and bouldering brushes from leading brands that can be used both indoors and outdoors for brushing those all important holds when sport climbing, traditional climbing and bouldering.

Shop for climbing brushes from leading brands from our collection below...

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Lapis Brush £5.50

YY Vertical Brush from £8.95 £10.00
YY Vertical Infinity Brush from £13.50 £15.00