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Organic Climbing

Organic Climbing are an American company that hand makes all of its products in the U.S.A., sourcing materials from local manufacturers and local  businesses. They strive to make each of their products functional, durable and unique.  We stock a selection of their awesome bouldering pads and chalk bags, check out our collection below.
Organic Big Pad - Bold £342.00 £380.00
Organic Blubber Pad - Bold £135.00 £150.00
Organic Full Pad - Bold £225.00 £250.00
Organic Large Chalk Bag £19.95 £22.00
Organic Simple Pad - Bold £215.00 £235.00
Organic Simple Pad - Solid £199.95 £220.00
Organic Slider Pad £45.00 £50.00
Organic Small Chalk Bag £18.00 £20.00