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Climbing Ropes

Climbing ropes are an important piece of your climbing equipment as they are your lifeline. With a huge selection available on the market, it can be confusing to know what to buy.

There are single, double and twin climbing ropes for sport, alpine and traditional climbing, and it is important that you have the correct diameter, length and features for the routes you are doing. 

Single climbing ropes are generally used on their own when sport climbing or when on shorter pitches trad climbing, and can be anything from 8.5 to 11mm in diameter. Half or double ropes are used in a pair, but clipped individually when climbing on trad routes and are usually 8-9mm thick. Twin ropes are also used as a pair but are treated as one when climbing traditionally, clipping in the same pro on the route. And now there are multi-rated ropes too with various different treatments to suit a variety of weather conditions. 

We stock a wide range of ropes from leading brands such as Sterling and Beal, for use in all seasons when climbing. We have great value for money lines for entry level beginner climbers, and a high end performance range for where every gram counts. Plus everything in between! We also have semi-static ropes and walking ropes too. 

If you need any help in choosing the right gear for your outdoor adventures and safety, please give us a call and we'd be happy to help. You can also get more info from our Rock + Run articles below:

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