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Edelrid Brand Page
EDELRID are a German climbing gear manufacturing company, founded in 1863. They are renowned for their climbing ropes and innovative products. We stock a wide range of Edelrid footwear, climbing gear and via ferrata equipment for men, women and kids.  Check out our collection below or read more about the brand via our Full Brand Profile

Edelrid Rope Tooth Knife £17.50 £20.00

Edelrid Nineteen G £8.95 £10.00

Edelrid Bulletproof £10.95 £14.00

Edelrid Giga Jul £50.95 £60.00

Edelrid Spoc £51.95 £65.00
Edelrid HMS Bullet Screw £15.30 £18.00

Edelrid Moe Harness £49.50 £55.00

Edelrid Parrot 9.8mm x 70m £161.50 £190.00

Edelrid Jul 2 £33.30 £37.00

Edelrid Work Glove Open £20.95 £25.00

Edelrid Apus Pro Dry 7.9mm from £148.00 £185.00

Edelrid Parrot 9.8mm x 80m £178.50 £210.00

Edelrid Salathe £75.95 £95.00

Edelrid Ace Harness from £76.95 £95.00