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Clip Sticks

Clip sticks are extendable poles that enable you to clip the first or second (or even more!) bolts before starting the climb, so you are protected from the ground up.

Despite some of the stigma attached to clipping bolts, there's no arguing that clip sticks can give you the confidence to safely try a climbing route when the first bolts are high. Many now have a dual function device allowing you to use them for clipping bolts with a carabiner when sport climbing, or brushing holds with a brush attached to the head when bouldering - a great feature for giving those all important out of reach holds a good scrub on high ball boulder problems.

We stock a wide range of clip sticks that can be used for both bouldering and sport climbing, in a wide range of sizes. Some can even fit into your rucksack! Check out our collection below, read an interesting Rock + Run blog article 'Clip Sticks: Cowardice and the Art of Cheating', read a review of one of our products 'Beta Stick Evo Review', and don't forget to check out our latest deals collection page too...

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