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Camping Cookware

As with camping stoves, camping cookware is designed to be portable and lightweight. There is a lot to consider when buying a cookware set, especially if you are looking for your kit to perform on long remote backpacking adventures or in expedition conditions.

Factors that should be considered include the type of material your pots, pans etc are made from, the weight of the set, how easy it all is to clean, the size the set can cater for...and the packable size too, and features such as grabbers or handles are also important to review. 

We stock a wide range of pots sets, bowls, plates, utensils, mugs from leading brands MSR and SOTO. All have informative descriptions and information that should help you find the right gear for you, whether you are camping close to home or heading off on an expedition at altitude. If you have any questions regarding our cookware range then please call our team. Take a look at our collection below...

GSI Folding Foon £5.20 £6.50
GSI Java Press 30Fl Oz £33.20 £41.50
3 reviews
GSI Pack Tongs Sold Out
GSI Pivot Spatula £7.20 £9.00
GSI Pivot Spoon £7.20 £9.00
2 reviews
GSI Spice Rocket £14.00 £17.50