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This week’s video takes us back to September 2006 when a primed Chris Sharma made the first ascent of Es Pontás (9a+), an incredible line through the middle of a beautiful, free-standing limestone arch off the coast of Mallorca. The climb is defined by its huge, seven-foot dyno in the middle of the route.

  • 1 min read
Founded in 2008 by Giovanni Rossi, Blue Ice are passionate producers of the most streamlined mountaineering kit on the market. Based in Chamonix, at the heart of the beautiful Alps, Blue Ice are perfectly situated to develop and test their kit in its intended alpine environment. What started in a garage with friends has since developed into one of the market leading alpine equipment manufacturers with headquarters in both Les Houches (Chamonix region) and Salt Lake City. 
  • 2 min read
A climbing shoe is just a climbing shoe, right? Well, in recent years, with the growth of indoor climbing walls and competitions, climbing shoe manufacturers have started producing shoes specifically aimed at the indoor market. These shoes have been designed to target the typical, modern style of indoor climbing where volumes, smears and hooking are all par for the course. But, what’s unique about an indoor shoe and what is it good for? Here’s all you need to know. 
  • 3 min read
In February 2021, Lor Sabourin sent their first 5.14 on trad, clipping the chains on ‘East Coast Fist Bump’ (5.14a) in an ascent that wasn’t just a first for them but a first for the entire climbing community becoming the first non-binary climber to achieve the grade. This week’s video is a recently released Patagonia film that follows Sabourin as they tackle one of their hardest challenges to date in the sandstone canyons of northern Arizona.
  • 1 min read