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Mens Approach Shoes

Mens approach shoes are a hybrid footwear which combine hiking/walking boots and rock climbing shoes. An approach shoe that's fitted correctly can be worn for either hiking or scrambling, and in some cases for low grade climbing.

Approach shoes generally have a sole made from the same kind of sticky rubber you find on climbing shoes, and this helps you to stick to the rock when scrambling or climbing. They are usually the perfect footwear for most approaches to crags, where the terrain can be rocky, slippery or uneven. Climbers generally prefer to wear them over hiking boots, as approach shoes are lighter, more versatile and more breathable.

Shop for men's approach shoes from leading brands including La Sportiva and Scarpa from our collection below...

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La Sportiva Boulder X £108.00 £135.00

La Sportiva TX Guide £144.00 £170.00

Scarpa Mescalito GTX £187.00 £220.00

La Sportiva TX5 Low GTX £152.00 £180.00

Scarpa Mescalito £148.00 £185.00

La Sportiva TX4 R £144.50 £170.00

La Sportiva TX2 Evo Leather £109.00 £155.00

La Sportiva TX2 Evo £128.00 £160.00

Scarpa Crux £123.00 £145.00

La Sportiva TX Hike GTX £129.50 £185.00

Scarpa Mescalito Planet £139.50 £175.00

Boreal Sendai £112.00 £140.00