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Christmas Gift Ideas for Climbers & Adventurers 2022 | Top 5

It’s that time of year again. The nights have drawn in, mince pies are back on the menu and we’re all hoping for some climbing goodies under the Christmas tree. Buying for a climber can be hard work, especially if they’re already experienced with copious amounts of kit. So, we’ve narrowed down our Gift Ideas into a top 5 list for each category to help you out.

The top 5 lists will be organised as follows to give you options at different price points:

  1. Stocking filler (Under £10)
  2. Under £50
  3. Special splash (£50 +)
  4. Santa’s surprise (any £)
  5. R&R recommendation (any £)

Outdoor Climber

Outdoor climbers will often have a lot of kit already so, here are 5 options that should complement their existing gear.

  • Stocking filler: Rock+Run Shaped Boars Hair Brush 2 Pack: The perfect stocking filler and the best brushes we’ve ever used on outdoor rock – you can never have too many and our 2 pack is the best value pack on the market.
  • Under £50: Local guidebook: Guidebooks are a quintessential part of the outdoor climbing game. Guidebooks tell climbers about their destination, describing the climbs there and providing information about things like access and parking. Our pick would be the recently released Grit Blocs, Dave Parry's guide to the 100 best gritstone problems in Britain.
  • Special splash: Flashed Drifter: The ideal pick for the keen boulderer in your life. A boulderer can never have too many pads and the newly released Flashed Drifter is up there with the best quality money can buy.
  • Santa’s surprise: Ash Climbing Portable Hangboard: No matter the type of climbing, a good warm-up is essential outside. This portable piece from Ash is perfect for warm-ups at the crag as well as training on the move.
  • R&R recommendation: Outdoor Research Wadi Rum Pant (Women’s option – Wadi Rum Jogger): Outdoor climbing can be a rough game, especially on your clothing. But, the new cragging clothing range from Outdoor Research is tough enough to handle the roughest adventures and climbing trips.

New Climber

Newer climbers won’t have much of their own gear so here we’ll cover some of the fundamental bits they’ll love for Christmas.

  • Stocking filler: Metolius Super Chalk: Your new climber will need some chalk – the Metolius Super Chalk is some of the best available with added drying agents to protect newer climber's skin.
  • Under £50: Black Diamond Momentum (women’s version available here): A harness is an essential piece of kit for a new climber, enabling them to climb at roped climbing walls and even take their new skills outside. The Momentum is a great option that should do both without breaking the bank.
  • Special splash: Climbing shoes: If your new climber is getting serious, then why not buy them their first pair of climbing shoes? We’d recommend the Red Chili Ventic Air Lace or the Evolv Kira. Don’t forget to check out our Climbing Shoe Sizing Guide before purchasing shoes as a gift.
  • Santa’s surprise: Petzl Grigri: If your new climber has started roped climbing then they'll need a belay device to keep them and their partner safe. The Grigri is an assisted braking device which adds an extra layer of security to belaying, helping your climber to gain experience safely and securely.
  • R&R recommendation: Rhino Skin Solutions REPAIR: Without a doubt the hardest bit about starting climbing is the damage it does to the skin on your hands, often leaving the skin feeling burnt and sore. That's where the REPAIR solutions from Rhino Skin come in, repairing and healing skin overnight.

Indoor climber

If your gift recipient predominantly climbs inside but already has some of the basics suggested in our New Climber section, then the gifts below should hit the spot.

  • Stocking filler: SmellWell Shoe Deodoriser: Climbing inside can be sweaty business, make sure your climber keeps their shoes smelling fresh with these handy little stocking fillers.
  • Under £50: Rock + Run Blockbuster Chalk Bag: Buying for a boulderer? Well, look no further than our very own, UK made chalk bucket – funky colours, awesome design and ethically produced, what more could you ask for? Read our review here.
  • Special splash: DMM Short Haul 30L: DMM’s climbing packs are some of the very best out there, they’re ideal for keeping all of that indoor climbing kit in one conveniently portable package.
  • Santa’s surprise: Rhino Skin Performance: Indoor climbing is tough going on a climber’s skin but, Rhino Skin’s Performance cream is here to help.
  • R&R recommendation:  Indoor Climbing Rope: If the indoor climber in your life rope climbs then why not buy them an indoor specific rope? These ropes are often shorter in length to suit smaller indoor walls. We'd recommend the Edelweiss series of ropesfor a cost effective workhorse solution to all your indoor rope climbing needs (just make sure to check your chosen length of rope is suitable for the wall height of your climber's local gyms).

Winter Climber

Winter climbers are, arguably, the most difficult to buy for. Winter and alpine kit is pretty specialist and can demand big bucks but, here are our top picks that should suit both beginners and experienced alpinists.

  • Stocking filler: R+R e-gift card: Not sure what to buy your winter climber? Well, let them choose themselves with our online gift cards.
  • Under £50: Petzl Tikka Core: Darkness descends rapidly in winter, so a packable head torch is a must. This rechargeable, pocket-sized offering from Petzl won’t take up space or break the bank.
  • Special splash: Edelrid Swift Eco Dry 9.8mmx60m: This might look like any other rope but, don’t be fooled. This rope is dry treated, meaning it's water-repellent which is essential for any winter climbing rope. Not only this but the Edelrid Swift Eco is the world's first PFC-free dry treated rope.
  • Santa’s surprise: Scarpa Ribelle Lite HD Boots: Ideal for technical trekking and alpine winter walking, the Ribelle Lite HD boots from Scarpa are the best lightweight winter boot out there (available in both Mens and Womens).
  • R&R recommendation: DMM Flux: The smallest and most lightweight certified ice axe ever produced, the DMM Flux is a fantastic option for your winter climber's fast and light missions.

Camping and Travel

Camping and travelling itineraries can be huge so, there’s plenty of choice for Christmas gifts. Here are our favourites.

  • Stocking filler: Sea to Summit DeltaLight Insulated Mug: Every camper needs a decent mug and this insulated option from Sea to Summit is the perfect option for every beverage, from ice cold Vimto right through to piping hot coffee.
  • Under £50: MSR PocketRocket 2: Every camper needs a stove and this pocket rocket from MSR ticks all the boxes. Packable and travel friendly, the PocketRocket is a great option for first-time stove users.
  • Special splash: Rock+Run Yangra Sleeping Bags: Our own premium range of goose down sleeping bags are a fantastic option for a range of campers, from Lake District weekenders to globe trotting expeditionists. With dow sourced from an RDS certified factory, our bags are one of the more ethical choices on the market, as well as some of the most cost effective.
  • Santa’s surprise: Black Diamond Apollo: The redesigned Apollo has to be the most versatile camping lantern on the market – a quality addition to any camper’s kit.
  • R&R recommendation: Ortileb Ultra Lightweight Dry Bag 12L: No matter the adventure, the wet UK weather always has a part to play. Dry bags are an indispensable part of any camping or travelling trip, ensuring your essentials remain dry whatever the weather.

Kids Climbing

Knowing what climbing kit your kid needs can be tricky, especially if you don’t climb yourself. We’re here to help with 5 options that we’re sure your kid will love.

  • Stocking filler: Beta Chalk Ball 6-pack: Kids are obsessed with chalk! Chalk balls are the most kid friendly chalk option, preventing spillages by encasing the chalk in a squishy, fabric ball.
  • Under £50: 8BPlus Chalk Bag: Your kid will need a chalk bag for their new chalk balls. The 8BPlus range is wonderful for children with plenty of funky character designs and colours to choose from. Our favourite is Manny.
  • Special splash: La Sportiva Tarantula JR: The first performance climbing shoe designed specifically for children and teenagers, the Tarantula JR is perfect for those kids who need a shoe to match their incredible potential.
  • Santa’s surprise: Scarpa Piki Kids: If your child has started climbing and needs their first pair of climbing shoes then look no further, the Piki is the best out there, especially for the price.
  • R&R recommendation: Wild Country Movement Kids Harness: This harness from Wild Country is brilliant for kids who love to push their climbing limits on a rope. With plenty of adjustment, the Movement should grow with your child.

Still not decided?

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