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Aid Climbing Gear

Aid climbing is a style of climbing where aid gear such as ladders, pegs and hooks are placed in, or on the rock in order to gain height. The climber also uses their hands and feet as with free climbing, but because of the nature of the route parts of the climb will involve climbing using assistance from the gear.

Aid gear differs to the equipment you would use when free climbing. An aid rack would likely include pegs (or pitons), daisy chains, fifi hooks, sky hooks, pulleys, ascenders, haul bags, and gloves etc. as well as your usual traditional climbing gear. If you are lucky enough to be aid climbing up big walls then you'll likely need a portaledge to sleep on too.  

Shop for aid climbing gear from leading brands including Black Diamond from our collection below...

Black Diamond Fifi Hook £17.95 £20.00
Black Diamond Angle Pitons from £11.95 £15.00
Metolius Easy Daisy £35.95 £40.00

Black Diamond Pecker Pitons from £18.75 £25.00
Black Diamond Bugaboo Pitons from £13.60 £17.00